July 25, 2012

I’m in Shanghai

…and I’ve developed a rather unhealthy obsession with Instagram, Frank Ocean and (a relapse) ice lemon tea over the last year or so. Just like, FYI.

Oh, and hi. It’s been a while.

@ The Shelter, Shanghai

August 8, 2011

Back to the flash

Back to basics, back to where we started.


March 8, 2011

letter to my self, if I had one

Dear Me,

There is work to be done. Notes to study, articles to read, thoughts to organize, concepts to memorize, projects to cough up.

There is a future to look out for. Creativity to find, applications to write, summers to plan, experience to acquire.

Individually. On your own.

You need a fresh start. A new hobby. Focus. Repair this regression in your process of emancipation. I know you could use somebody, but you’re on your own. That’s what indepence is all about. Pull yourself together. Stop procrastinating, find your will, prioritize. Stop dreaming, stop feeling, start thinking. Think before your act – that should be your hobby, buddha knows you could use it.

Besides, love isn’t a real hobby anyway.

Yours truly,


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December 5, 2010



Sometimes you get to that point when everything is just everything at the same time, and that very same everything is just too much of everything.

Thoughts and emotions coalesce in the most incoherent way, most probably to punish you for the fact that they haven’t been let out for their regular walk in the sunshine. Obviously, together they form a stronger front to make their way out.

If they do, they might just bump into this other prevalent factor in your being – the one called your life. You know, the one you’re actually living. Duties, activities, friends and all that.

If only there were time for introductions.

Excuse me, while I “add oil”.

November 1, 2010

I wish

I wish I didn’t have so much work due at the same time.
I wish I didn’t spend half of my time procrastinating.
I wish I could stop thinking about food all the time.
I wish I actually really cared as little as I claim to.
I wish I made the right decision.
I wish I didn’t talk so much.
I wish that wishing lantern hadn’t gone into flames.
I wish to stop wishing.

Yeah. I wish.

October 13, 2010


I’m not a religious person. I wasn’t baptized until I hit 15, and that was mostly to calm my sweet old grandmother’s nerves. She did indeed believe, it saved me a place in heaven. If she’s right, I’m forever thankful to her.

I used to call myself an atheist back when I was in my rebellious teens (I wasn’t that rebellious at all to be honest), but after having studied religion, psychology and philosophy further, I kind of rejoiced with the thought of being an agnostic. I don’t know if there is any deity or not and to be frank, I really don’t care. I live my life as it is now with its ups and downs, and accept it as that. I don’t feel the need to pray for anything (except perhaps good grades haha) or to pour my heart out to anyone else than my family or friends.

But when loved ones pass away, I find myself in a confused state.

Seeing as most of my family is catholic, they pray that our loved ones go to a happy place (which of course would be heaven in this case) and that they now are with the lord. They tell each other that it will all be fine, that it is the wish of the lord and that they will pray for our passed away loved one.

I have to be honest, I will pray for no one.

In stead I will remember the people that were. I will love and cherish the memories they gave me, as well as the knowledge they passed on to me. I will hope that their last moment in life was a moment of peace, and that they managed to live the life they wanted to live. I wish for the ones closest to them to rise from the sorrow and to prosper. To keep living their lives, as I’m sure their loved ones would have wanted them to.

I, in turn, will try my very best to do the same. I will keep in mouth your wise words, I will keep in mind your advice, and I will keep in heart your love. I don’t miss you.

Pero te amo en tu ausencia.

Tío Ferenc *01.05.1936 t19.09.2010

Abuelito Fico *18.07.1926 t02.10.2009

Mamá Chelita *08.01.1925 t08.02.2000

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October 13, 2010

weddings and that

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Chinese wedding about a month back. It was interesting, to say the least.

Not only was good old rice tossing replaced with colorful foam spraying, it was performed as an act of war between the bridesmaids and groomsmen. There were a lot of rockets going off, minor fireworks and in the end the four bridesmaids protecting the bride (me included) were coughing so hard from the smoke attack that we had to surrender and let the groom in to take away his bride.


As the day went on the lovely bride changed into her traditional Chinese dress (which I unfortunately didn’t get a good shot of due to stupid rain) and went around to houses in the groom’s neighborhood to light incense and other things as part of a buddhist ritual. She looked stunning in it indeed, but seemed quite stressed really. Unfortunately at that point I had to leave, so I actually missed out on the best part – the dinner. Though I was relieved to finally be able to jump into a shower and wash all the sticky glitter and confetti off me, I was slightly bummed out. Hai ah.

And again, here I am, all hungry >.<

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October 12, 2010

a touch of nature

1. Standing inside a fountain in some park. Kind of. 2. At the aviary. 3. You can find dem in da park.

I miss blogging. And it really isn’t (as before mentioned) that I’m constantly busy. I just. I don’t know. I’ve got so much to write, but at the same time when I do sit down and stare at this empty box – I have nothing.

Writer’s block.

It’s been a bitch to me in school work too. I can’t say I’m proud of my latest products in writing assignments. All I’ve been able to produce is mediocre contemplations on whatever, and even such a thing has cost me a full night of sleep to produce. Well, except for that one hour I passed out in the pantry. Good times.

At least here, there’s no pressure. I can just have a keyboard frenzy and no one would judge. Right?

I overslept this morning, and missed quite a vital lecture on advertising and that. Lucky I have a presentation due on it in two weeks. Not. To cheer me up, I just had a cup of hot cocoa and a bowl of oatmeal. Mmmnomnomnom. Now the bed is giving me this “Don’t you wanna come back and cuddle?” look. Sometimes we stray, indeed we do.

Hope to see you soon la.

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October 12, 2010

another change of plans

So maybe I’d like to try falling in love for a change.

September 21, 2010

Change of plans

In case you were wondering, IIII chaaanged my miiiind (lalala)

Academic English for Social Sciences (3 units, compulsory)
Statistics for journalists (6 units, compulsory)
Ways of reading: film, literature and culture (6 units, prerequisite course for second major)
Hong Kong cinema through a global lens (6 units, common core course)
Putonghua for foreign learners II (3 units, compulsory language course)
Total: 24 units, which means my schedule is sweeeeeet. Even more so, I’m brilliant enough to have made my days on campus 3 and my days of “self-study” four. Thursday to Sunday, bring on the looong weekend!

Professional writing for the media (3 units, compulsory)
Economics for journalists (6 units, compulsory)
News reporting and writing (6 units, compulsory)
Principles of journalism and the news media (6 units, compulsory)
Moral controversies in a modern world (6 units, common core course)
Introduction to Chinese and Western Philosophy (6 units, elective course)
Total: 33 units. Do know that I might kick myself for the lazy ass 1st semester and want to take more courses, but ah well. This ought to be fun! And I still have Mondays off. Woop!

And yes, I do know I’ve been awfully crap at updating. It’s just my way of pretending that I’m too busy. But who am I kidding? I’ve got a four day weekend! Which I have yet to use productively. Ended up doing my first assignment à la high school (meaning at the very last minute) but at least now I’m 1.5h ahead of deadline in stead of past it. I feel like I should be off to a good start. Kind of. Hopefully. Yeah. Sure.

Anyways pennyways, I’ll be sure to toss up some works of Nikki in the next few days. Perhaps I’ll throw in a couple of songs I’ve got stuck in my head thanks to certain people with boppin heads. Perhaps. Let’s hope not. Now time to have a shower and perhaps come out of it with blueblack hair. Taaa!

Just to be utterly cliché – Sky’s the limit in HK.


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