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December 31, 2009


I like change. I really do. There’s little more satisfying than a new task to deal with or an unexpected adventure ahead. I love being spontaneous, impulsive, crazy – whatever. Making plans completely different to the ones initially agreed upon (as long as the other part agrees to it of course). And I love it when it all turns out gooood. Because in the end it all does, somehow. You know, everything happens for a reason, there’s always a silver lining and all that :)

But sometimes it’s just really shit when something happens out of your control which changes everything for you.

It’s not that big of a deal really. Not at all. But it changes things in a way I wouldn’t like it to change. Obviously, it’s naive to think that you yourself would be in total control of all the changes around you. Extremely naive. But… Oh well. It’ll all work out for the best, yeah?

Some changes I have made myself though are:
– I’m leaving my sweet apartment on Saturday, most probably.
– I’m escaping the shitty weather and hitting Hainan island on Sunday or Monday. OH YEAH!
– Which means tattoo date will be postponed until further notice, since it would keep me frome swimming and sunbathing for two weeks. Don’t want to have to obey those rules in HAINAAAN. haha
– I’m buying my ticket home by the end of this week. Period. I have to. And so far it seems like it’s going to be flying from Beijing. Wiihiie.

La la la

December 29, 2009

Tattoos and other plans

I made a very important decision today. Once I go through with it, there will be no turning back. Yup. I’m going to get my Chinese name printed on my skin for good, and it’ll look like this:

流 (Liú)
星 (Xing)

Cute ain’t it? It’ll go a bit behind and beneath my right ear, most probably. Either that or on my wrist. Any opinions? My cousin seems to think having the former would be quite suggestive. I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t care ^^. I’m so excited. TEE HEE. Now I just have to call the parlour tomorrow and check the cost and stuff. See if I can get there wednesday evening after class. Though I’m not too big on be wearing a plaster on NYE. Hmm. And I should get a proper haircut first. Aaah. First thing I’ll do when I go home. Get a proper haircut by my very own hairdresser whom I appreciate even more after 5 months in China. Aah.


Today I had a little chat with my mum. Firstly because I wanted to tell her that I’m planning on getting a tattoo. She didn’t really seem to be bothered by it as expected. Weird. Might be because I was talking about maybe making it home before my sis’ bday (February 25th). She got all excited and BAM now I’m going to buy a ticket home within this week. Budget is 3600DKK. If you find anything SUPERcheap, gives it! Cheapest I’ve found is about 2700DKK, which is fine I guess. Some cash for traveling within China then :) Problem is where it’s from – Beijing – and settling a date of departure. HMM.

I’ll sleep on it a couple of times. And eat. Mm. Yes, I’ll go eat now. Ta!

December 27, 2009

Crazy Xmas

I’m so so so beat. I called in sick to work today, simply because I got home, wrapped myself in my blanket and then couldn’t bear the thought of getting out into this blasted weather again. My head aches, my back aches, my nose is stuffy, my knee is fucked and my toe is screwed. And I lost my lens-cap. Was it a good weekend? Hell yeah!



Blurry shot of Emmezing and the cool Chinese girls

Shot of Emmezing and cool Chinese girls

Charlie, Curly n Nebraska

Charlie, Curly n Nebraska

Just loove nightlife pics!

Just loove nightlife pics!

Went out with the good old gaming crew (sans Secret=() and met some other random people at the Bling Bling! Xmas party Friday in Guangzhou. I had a feeling that night was gonna be a good night. Free bar, free snacks, access to some VIP-section I never really found and good company. What else can you ask for? :) It all went down pretty fast, so when I figured I’d had enough I could even retire to one of the comfy white sofas behind the big screen (which Emma suggested was the VIP-section, haha) and have a little rest… haha. Had it not been for my little nap, I might’ve not been awake enough to realise the wonder that is traffic lights whilst sitting in the cab to Nanhai behind singer/inspiration Emma, between window-enthusiast Anja and heroic Charlie.

Me: Why are we stopping?
C: Because of the traffic lights.
Me: They have traffic lights in China? That is sooo smart!

December 25, 2009

Nisse’s Merry Xmas

Oh yeah. Nisse’s got a friend today. I was presented with yet another Xmas decoration at our regular coffee shop (Yaya Tea) today, because I’m simply THAT lovable. Meet Gubben the Snowman…

Welcoming Gubben with luuuv

Welcoming Gubben with luuuv

The whole Xmas family.... ha.

The whole Xmas family.... ha.

And noow I gotta take off to Guangzhou in a hurry because it might take a shitload of time to get there with traffic and all.Bling Bling! Xmas party, you better be gooood. Taaa taa!

December 25, 2009

Sheng Dan Kuai Le!

So I’m sitting here Skyping with my family back home in Malmö right now. They’ve just had the first Xmas meal for the year and they’re sitting there chillaxing. Mum is off to work in a bit, so they’re opening the presents beforehand (usually we’d rip them at midnight). Now they’re sitting in the living room opening Xmas presents whilst I’m just staring blankly at the camera and typing on here. Aah. Technology.

I don’t think I’m actually missing much in the sense that it would be a hugely memorable event for years and years to come, but I would actually like to be chillaxing on our couch back home after having eaten a massive Xmas dinner myself right now. Would be really nice. Really, really nice.

My mum just told me she packed all my stuff (clothes, shoes, etc) down in bags. I recall my cousin saying that all my stuff had been put away for some reason, and I didn’t really get why. “To make sure that nothing went missing!” my mum says, bless her cotton socks. I miss my stuff. My “slutty” shoes, my tight skirts, my big shirts, my leggings… I do have clothes here too of course, but I miss havin a wide variety of things to choose from to wear for the day. Sob.

It’s safe to say that I’ve been kind of homesick the last few days. Or not really homesick, but really kind of embraced the thought of going back home – soon. The more I talk with people from home, the more they try to persuade me to come back, the more I feel I actually will. And it’s not because of Xmas. I’m not an Xmassy person. I’ve been so so so holidaywack today with all the crazy singing and playing games and talking about Xmas, things I would never do at home, but I’ve never felt less Xmassy. Xmas to me is just hanging out, eating good food, having a bubble ^^.

But this year, Xmas Eve is spent together with my lil’ santa Nisse and my MacBook (which provides me with webcam:). Tomorrow ought to be more traditional though. Xmas lunch and Xmas clubbing. Yeah. Should be alright.

Sheng dan kuai le (:

Nisse chilling on the balcony after long day of Ho Ho Ho

Nisse chilling on the balcony after long day of Ho Ho Ho

December 24, 2009

Ho ho ho

We wish you a merry syfilis,
We wish you a merry syfilis,
We wish you a merry syfilis
and a happy gonorrhea

I just finished morning session of teaching and I’m beat. I’ve been singing and smiling so much my face physically hurts. Kids were cute as usual though. Went through numbers 11-15 and played a bunch of flash card games and the last 5-10min we spent learning “We wish you a merry Christmas” (the proper version, OF COURSE!) and singing it over and over again along with this DVD video of a bear, a mouse, a cat and a dog singing it with Santa. Meanwhile I’d walk around with this big green (!) sack of candy (lollipops) and hand two out to each cute little kid and saying Merry Christmas. I didn’t really wear the suit, but I did wear a hat. Love that hat. Tee hee.

TA Candy proves I wasn't the only one who was beat this morning...

TA Candy proves I wasn't the only one who was beat this morning...

I just love being Santa =)

I just love being Santa =)

Merry Christmas from Bei Lei kids (bribed with lollipops=)

Merry Christmas from Bei Lei kids (bribed with lollipops=)

Today is one of them long days for me. Got a lunch break until 2.30pm now, then I have two lessons, break, then a two hour lesson with some adults. Being Christmas Eve and all, I guess I’ll do some Christmas presentation on PPT or something of the sort. At 9pm I’m finally off, and that for the rest of the weekend! =) However, I have this Christmas lunch thingy with work tomorrow, so I’ll be attending that and later on I’ll be hitting Guangzhou with Angel, Emmezing and Chocolate. And I’ll be Lucky. Mwahaha. Skippety hop, you’ll be there in spirit, I know it. Anyway…


Ps. As for the song with the somewhat erroneous lyrics, I can thank my colleague Marc for that. Started singing this version when we heard the song, and now I really do hear this version because it’s so damn similar. Shit.

December 23, 2009

Bubble bath.

I just had my first bath in just about… four years. YUP. Tub was a bit smaller than I expected it to be. Or maybe I’ve gotten a bit bigger over the years. Dunno. It was a bit awkward. But it was nice and foamy. Yay. Next time, I’m doing it with SCENTED CANDLES. Oh yeah. I’m such a girl.

My little little tubby

My little little tubby

And now I’m doing laundry. I’m such a good girl.

December 23, 2009

La la la

So I’m sitting here having a glass of sprite and eating a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, no no, because there is something very special on it. It’s yellow. It’s soft. It melts in a really nice way in your mouth. It’s got a distinct taste. And it supposedly made of something that comes from the cow. But of course, in China you can never be too certain. It’s…


Oh yeah. Well, it’s not Gouda or Edam or anything even remotely close to that. But you know how you’d settle for any kind of decent liquid when you’re really thirsty, it’s the same thing… kind of. Anyway. Loving the RT-mall just across the street from our apartments. Mmmhm. I found plain yoghurt there the other day. I was in heaven. A six-pack of them, and it was gone in maybe a bit more than a day. TEE HEE.

Speaking of something completely different. Of course my cleaning yesterday was for a reason, I had TTC-Christina over for a visit last night. She left a couple of hours ago, took off to the airport to pick up her boyfriend and take him with her to Sanxiang (where she currently teaches and resides). It was really nice to meet a good old TTCer after almost two weeks in “isolation” haha. She even pointed out that I looked really happy when I went to meet her outside the mall ^^. We just sat up and talked for a couple of hours, had some yoghurt and some strawberries (which weren’t that bad at all) and just chillaxed. Nice. Looking forward to spend Xmas with all of those guys. =)

Took a picture of Christina taking a picture ^^.

Took a picture of Christina taking a picture in Zhuhai ^^.

Other than that I would like to point out that Julian aka Barthyparty is being pretty damn mean to me on Skype at the moment. See, I have this thing for saying TEE HEE a lot (Annette knows I’m trying to quit) and he is totally hating on it. And he claims I don’t have a blog because I refuse to link it, so I said I’m gonna trashtalk him first and then I’ll link it. So I will. Julian does MEAN things. Like the scissors, he is seriously the best scissor-doer ever. Badest, meanest, illest. Just so you know. Wish I had a shot of him doing it, but best shot I’ve got of him is this…

Barthyparty rocks them glasses =) =)


December 23, 2009

I’ve got cold feet…

Never has cleaning been this fun. I’ve been dancing around the apartment in a tshirt and my cutest, pinkest, gayest boxers. You know, kinda like Cameron Diaz in the first Charlie’s Angels movie. HA. Yeah, that’s me.

Of course, I’ve been singing at the top of my lungs too. To what, you may ask? Well, a little potpurri of songs, but lately we’ve been pretty mainstream. A lot of Lady Gaga, some Alicia Keys and some Shooting star. It’s been a nice dance about. Now I’m taking a rest. Lying on my big big bed on my big big blanket just giving my fingers some warm-up. If typing is a warm-up for your fingers and hands, how the hell do you warm up your feet? I’ve been walking around in water (mopped the floor and flooded the bathroom) and now it’s just soooo cold.

Update: Now I’m listening to some Kalwi & Remi – Explosion on (EFF YOU BLOCKED YOUTUBE!). BFF claims it’s the kinda song we’d go crazy to when we’d be wasted in the club. And well, I kinda agree. Ah, good times.

Explooosion on the dancefloor for me and Van ^^.

Yup. Think I found the perfect way to warm up my feet. And I’m gonna warm them up reeeal good on Friday, hopefully. Wiihiie!

Ps. No, I’m not particularly fond of the Explosion video, but what can you do. It’s that kind of music… It kind of makes me wonder. Why, in the end when they’re in the shower, don’t the girls wash their make-up off? That would be the first thing I’d wash off if I’d hop in the shower, that extraface of mine. Je ne comprends pas…

December 22, 2009

Thoughts in the cold.

Currently sitting on my big bed all wrapped up in my big blanket and freeeeeezing. My fingers are soo cold and I’ve actually got a bit of a hard time typing. Christ. I suppose maybe typing for my fingers is like running for my body, you know, with the whole warming up. So we’re saying this is a good thing.

I just realized I might’ve forgotten my mittens in kindergarten. Shit.

For those of you less informed, I’m currently teaching at/for a training centre in Huadu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Lovely “little” city it is, and my apartment is sweet. At first I was pretty sceptical to this, what with some things not being very clear and honest, but it’s definitely taken a turn now and well on its way to pretty damn nice. I teach English at a nice little kindergarten 5min from my place every morning 9.10-11.05 then I have a lunch break for a couple of hours depending on the day. In the afternoon I teach primary from 2.30-4.05/3.20-5.00 at different schools a in the area which is okay. Tuesday and Thursday evenings I teach adults at the centre, 7-9pm. It’s actually pretty interesting, teaching adults. We just talk and talk and talk about stuff. For the other classes I have a Chinese TA (Teacher’s Assistant) which is great because they help out A LOT.

My very first own place :D
View from my balcony. Big super just there!

I’ve started to really like this place and my colleagues. Have coffee on a regular basis with a British teacher/DoS, made friends with a Chinese make-up artist in the nail salon Friday, went shopping with a Chinese TA Friday and had a cosy dinner with most members of our department Saturday.

Me & Cassie, one of the sweetest ^^.
The Teacher's Assistant crew (excl 1)

The Teacher's Assistant crew (excl 1)

Yeah, I know, it’s all peachy, right? But well, it’s still teaching. However much I do enjoy it (the kids can be sooo adorable and the adults can have such interesting views) I feel like I’ve done it, and it’s not really for me. I’m not an exceptionally good teacher. Not a really bad one either, but I feel like I’m not really cut out for it. I miss learning. And questioning. And analysing. I’m ready to do something else now… There was the possibility of a journalism internship in Hainan, an island about 12h trainride away from here, but they’ve come off quite unserious to me, so it doesn’t seem to be happening at this point. But fuck it. I’ll take off from here, go traveling and try to make my money last until after Chinese New Year, then take off home and work my butt off so I can begin studying in the fall. Applying to Hong Kong University, and hoping for that to happen. Yup. HKU. Imagine that.