I just ate three lemon-flavoured muffins…

and other life-altering knowledge about me Part I.

My given names (Lucero Viktoria) mean something about as cheesy as Victorious Star.

My Chinese name (Liú Xíng) means Shooting Star.

I’m quite pleased with both my cheesy names.

My parents are Peruvian.

My passport is Swedish, and I was born in Lund.

My passport states that I’m 160cm tall. I’m actually 159! Ha.

I am only human and therefore there was a small surplus of saliva in my mouth during Taylor Lutner’s short-haired (and bare-chested) shots in New Moon.

My hands and feet are generally cold as ice, and now is not an exception.

I currently live in the Guangdong province of China.

I usually say the reason I came to China is that I wanted to experience the rich culture, so different from our own.

The actual main reason I came to China is that I thought I signed up for more information, but soon got a bill sent to my home address encouraging me to pay the initial fee for the Teach and Travel China programme or else I would be fined…

I believe that things happen for a reason, so therefore I mostly just go with the flow and trust my gut.

Some people that know me may rephrase the last sentence and say that I’m just not that into planning ahead…

However, I looove “planning” waaay ahead. Like my future. The places I’ll study, places I’ll live, places I’ll work, places I’ll visit (yes, plural. I like being on the move)… And no, husband, starting a family, house and such are not really included anywhere

and I really wouldn’t DREAM of gossiping… I don’t know about you, but my dreams mostly involve flying, timetraveling and such ^^.

Other than that, be warned, I have some very funky thoughts at times, and I’ve decided that this shall be their forum. I have a hard time sleeping from time to time, mostly because I’d be lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, just thinking and thinking and thinking about possible outcomes and scenarios of my life. And asking questions. Some deep and meaningful (ha!) but most just complete bullshit. But I respect my thoughts. You should too. Not your thoughts, MINE! Because I’m gonna put’em out here, so they stop bothering me. If they bother you, I’ll be amused. Don’t think they will though. Or will they…?

Here goes one. How does it really feel to have a big fat ass?

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