Thoughts in the cold.

Currently sitting on my big bed all wrapped up in my big blanket and freeeeeezing. My fingers are soo cold and I’ve actually got a bit of a hard time typing. Christ. I suppose maybe typing for my fingers is like running for my body, you know, with the whole warming up. So we’re saying this is a good thing.

I just realized I might’ve forgotten my mittens in kindergarten. Shit.

For those of you less informed, I’m currently teaching at/for a training centre in Huadu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. Lovely “little” city it is, and my apartment is sweet. At first I was pretty sceptical to this, what with some things not being very clear and honest, but it’s definitely taken a turn now and well on its way to pretty damn nice. I teach English at a nice little kindergarten 5min from my place every morning 9.10-11.05 then I have a lunch break for a couple of hours depending on the day. In the afternoon I teach primary from 2.30-4.05/3.20-5.00 at different schools a in the area which is okay. Tuesday and Thursday evenings I teach adults at the centre, 7-9pm. It’s actually pretty interesting, teaching adults. We just talk and talk and talk about stuff. For the other classes I have a Chinese TA (Teacher’s Assistant) which is great because they help out A LOT.

My very first own place :D
View from my balcony. Big super just there!

I’ve started to really like this place and my colleagues. Have coffee on a regular basis with a British teacher/DoS, made friends with a Chinese make-up artist in the nail salon Friday, went shopping with a Chinese TA Friday and had a cosy dinner with most members of our department Saturday.

Me & Cassie, one of the sweetest ^^.
The Teacher's Assistant crew (excl 1)

The Teacher's Assistant crew (excl 1)

Yeah, I know, it’s all peachy, right? But well, it’s still teaching. However much I do enjoy it (the kids can be sooo adorable and the adults can have such interesting views) I feel like I’ve done it, and it’s not really for me. I’m not an exceptionally good teacher. Not a really bad one either, but I feel like I’m not really cut out for it. I miss learning. And questioning. And analysing. I’m ready to do something else now… There was the possibility of a journalism internship in Hainan, an island about 12h trainride away from here, but they’ve come off quite unserious to me, so it doesn’t seem to be happening at this point. But fuck it. I’ll take off from here, go traveling and try to make my money last until after Chinese New Year, then take off home and work my butt off so I can begin studying in the fall. Applying to Hong Kong University, and hoping for that to happen. Yup. HKU. Imagine that.


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