I’ve got cold feet…

Never has cleaning been this fun. I’ve been dancing around the apartment in a tshirt and my cutest, pinkest, gayest boxers. You know, kinda like Cameron Diaz in the first Charlie’s Angels movie. HA. Yeah, that’s me.

Of course, I’ve been singing at the top of my lungs too. To what, you may ask? Well, a little potpurri of songs, but lately we’ve been pretty mainstream. A lot of Lady Gaga, some Alicia Keys and some Shooting star. It’s been a nice dance about. Now I’m taking a rest. Lying on my big big bed on my big big blanket just giving my fingers some warm-up. If typing is a warm-up for your fingers and hands, how the hell do you warm up your feet? I’ve been walking around in water (mopped the floor and flooded the bathroom) and now it’s just soooo cold.

Update: Now I’m listening to some Kalwi & Remi – Explosion on youku.com (EFF YOU BLOCKED YOUTUBE!). BFF claims it’s the kinda song we’d go crazy to when we’d be wasted in the club. And well, I kinda agree. Ah, good times.

Explooosion on the dancefloor for me and Van ^^.

Yup. Think I found the perfect way to warm up my feet. And I’m gonna warm them up reeeal good on Friday, hopefully. Wiihiie!

Ps. No, I’m not particularly fond of the Explosion video, but what can you do. It’s that kind of music… It kind of makes me wonder. Why, in the end when they’re in the shower, don’t the girls wash their make-up off? That would be the first thing I’d wash off if I’d hop in the shower, that extraface of mine. Je ne comprends pas…


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