La la la

So I’m sitting here having a glass of sprite and eating a sandwich. Not just any sandwich, no no, because there is something very special on it. It’s yellow. It’s soft. It melts in a really nice way in your mouth. It’s got a distinct taste. And it supposedly made of something that comes from the cow. But of course, in China you can never be too certain. It’s…


Oh yeah. Well, it’s not Gouda or Edam or anything even remotely close to that. But you know how you’d settle for any kind of decent liquid when you’re really thirsty, it’s the same thing… kind of. Anyway. Loving the RT-mall just across the street from our apartments. Mmmhm. I found plain yoghurt there the other day. I was in heaven. A six-pack of them, and it was gone in maybe a bit more than a day. TEE HEE.

Speaking of something completely different. Of course my cleaning yesterday was for a reason, I had TTC-Christina over for a visit last night. She left a couple of hours ago, took off to the airport to pick up her boyfriend and take him with her to Sanxiang (where she currently teaches and resides). It was really nice to meet a good old TTCer after almost two weeks in “isolation” haha. She even pointed out that I looked really happy when I went to meet her outside the mall ^^. We just sat up and talked for a couple of hours, had some yoghurt and some strawberries (which weren’t that bad at all) and just chillaxed. Nice. Looking forward to spend Xmas with all of those guys. =)

Took a picture of Christina taking a picture ^^.

Took a picture of Christina taking a picture in Zhuhai ^^.

Other than that I would like to point out that Julian aka Barthyparty is being pretty damn mean to me on Skype at the moment. See, I have this thing for saying TEE HEE a lot (Annette knows I’m trying to quit) and he is totally hating on it. And he claims I don’t have a blog because I refuse to link it, so I said I’m gonna trashtalk him first and then I’ll link it. So I will. Julian does MEAN things. Like the scissors, he is seriously the best scissor-doer ever. Badest, meanest, illest. Just so you know. Wish I had a shot of him doing it, but best shot I’ve got of him is this…

Barthyparty rocks them glasses =) =)



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