Ho ho ho

We wish you a merry syfilis,
We wish you a merry syfilis,
We wish you a merry syfilis
and a happy gonorrhea

I just finished morning session of teaching and I’m beat. I’ve been singing and smiling so much my face physically hurts. Kids were cute as usual though. Went through numbers 11-15 and played a bunch of flash card games and the last 5-10min we spent learning “We wish you a merry Christmas” (the proper version, OF COURSE!) and singing it over and over again along with this DVD video of a bear, a mouse, a cat and a dog singing it with Santa. Meanwhile I’d walk around with this big green (!) sack of candy (lollipops) and hand two out to each cute little kid and saying Merry Christmas. I didn’t really wear the suit, but I did wear a hat. Love that hat. Tee hee.

TA Candy proves I wasn't the only one who was beat this morning...

TA Candy proves I wasn't the only one who was beat this morning...

I just love being Santa =)

I just love being Santa =)

Merry Christmas from Bei Lei kids (bribed with lollipops=)

Merry Christmas from Bei Lei kids (bribed with lollipops=)

Today is one of them long days for me. Got a lunch break until 2.30pm now, then I have two lessons, break, then a two hour lesson with some adults. Being Christmas Eve and all, I guess I’ll do some Christmas presentation on PPT or something of the sort. At 9pm I’m finally off, and that for the rest of the weekend! =) However, I have this Christmas lunch thingy with work tomorrow, so I’ll be attending that and later on I’ll be hitting Guangzhou with Angel, Emmezing and Chocolate. And I’ll be Lucky. Mwahaha. Skippety hop, you’ll be there in spirit, I know it. Anyway…


Ps. As for the song with the somewhat erroneous lyrics, I can thank my colleague Marc for that. Started singing this version when we heard the song, and now I really do hear this version because it’s so damn similar. Shit.


2 Comments to “Ho ho ho”

  1. Finally managed to log on to your blog….super cool and i love reading about your adventures! Nice to know i can be remembered for re writing “we wish you a merry christmas” with shall we say, more colourful language?? Lifes to short to worry…..work hard and play harder….by the way kiddo, on your many Foshan trips did you by chance ever visit the restaurant called “Jen’s place”? it really kicks ass in an over priced but got to have it delicious western food kinda way….if not, then prepare to stuff thy belly full of coma inducing food when you come back over here….the social diary for your visit sort of looks like this….Coffee at starbucks with Luce….dinner with Luce…..getting shitfaced with Luce…..going home and producing projectile vomit……with Luce…i think you get the picture!! sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to seeing you hon big hugs and kisses mmmwwwaaahhhhhhh!

    • I did not visit Jen’s place, but am sure looking forward to doing so (after having overdosed on Chinese food for at least a couple of days!) lol.

      I can’t wait to go and see you guyyyys. Screw the ash cloud! Woop woop!

      ps. FYI, I never produce projectile vomit, however glamorous it may be! hahaha.

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