Sheng Dan Kuai Le!

So I’m sitting here Skyping with my family back home in Malmö right now. They’ve just had the first Xmas meal for the year and they’re sitting there chillaxing. Mum is off to work in a bit, so they’re opening the presents beforehand (usually we’d rip them at midnight). Now they’re sitting in the living room opening Xmas presents whilst I’m just staring blankly at the camera and typing on here. Aah. Technology.

I don’t think I’m actually missing much in the sense that it would be a hugely memorable event for years and years to come, but I would actually like to be chillaxing on our couch back home after having eaten a massive Xmas dinner myself right now. Would be really nice. Really, really nice.

My mum just told me she packed all my stuff (clothes, shoes, etc) down in bags. I recall my cousin saying that all my stuff had been put away for some reason, and I didn’t really get why. “To make sure that nothing went missing!” my mum says, bless her cotton socks. I miss my stuff. My “slutty” shoes, my tight skirts, my big shirts, my leggings… I do have clothes here too of course, but I miss havin a wide variety of things to choose from to wear for the day. Sob.

It’s safe to say that I’ve been kind of homesick the last few days. Or not really homesick, but really kind of embraced the thought of going back home – soon. The more I talk with people from home, the more they try to persuade me to come back, the more I feel I actually will. And it’s not because of Xmas. I’m not an Xmassy person. I’ve been so so so holidaywack today with all the crazy singing and playing games and talking about Xmas, things I would never do at home, but I’ve never felt less Xmassy. Xmas to me is just hanging out, eating good food, having a bubble ^^.

But this year, Xmas Eve is spent together with my lil’ santa Nisse and my MacBook (which provides me with webcam:). Tomorrow ought to be more traditional though. Xmas lunch and Xmas clubbing. Yeah. Should be alright.

Sheng dan kuai le (:

Nisse chilling on the balcony after long day of Ho Ho Ho

Nisse chilling on the balcony after long day of Ho Ho Ho


One Comment to “Sheng Dan Kuai Le!”

  1. Hey, We wish you a scary christmas from Peru to China Lu0. Your adorable cousins Romi, Rigelito and Davit. Of course my mom says she wishes you a “Feliz Navidad”. We really wish you spend a great time these holydays and will be looking forward to see new photographs of you doing some freaky stuff as always!!!
    Misssbehave well hum!!! :) :D ;D

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