Crazy Xmas

I’m so so so beat. I called in sick to work today, simply because I got home, wrapped myself in my blanket and then couldn’t bear the thought of getting out into this blasted weather again. My head aches, my back aches, my nose is stuffy, my knee is fucked and my toe is screwed. And I lost my lens-cap. Was it a good weekend? Hell yeah!



Blurry shot of Emmezing and the cool Chinese girls

Shot of Emmezing and cool Chinese girls

Charlie, Curly n Nebraska

Charlie, Curly n Nebraska

Just loove nightlife pics!

Just loove nightlife pics!

Went out with the good old gaming crew (sans Secret=() and met some other random people at the Bling Bling! Xmas party Friday in Guangzhou. I had a feeling that night was gonna be a good night. Free bar, free snacks, access to some VIP-section I never really found and good company. What else can you ask for? :) It all went down pretty fast, so when I figured I’d had enough I could even retire to one of the comfy white sofas behind the big screen (which Emma suggested was the VIP-section, haha) and have a little rest… haha. Had it not been for my little nap, I might’ve not been awake enough to realise the wonder that is traffic lights whilst sitting in the cab to Nanhai behind singer/inspiration Emma, between window-enthusiast Anja and heroic Charlie.

Me: Why are we stopping?
C: Because of the traffic lights.
Me: They have traffic lights in China? That is sooo smart!


One Comment to “Crazy Xmas”

  1. AHHAAHAHHHHA så fett vill oxå juuu

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