Tattoos and other plans

I made a very important decision today. Once I go through with it, there will be no turning back. Yup. I’m going to get my Chinese name printed on my skin for good, and it’ll look like this:

流 (Liú)
星 (Xing)

Cute ain’t it? It’ll go a bit behind and beneath my right ear, most probably. Either that or on my wrist. Any opinions? My cousin seems to think having the former would be quite suggestive. I don’t know. Maybe. I don’t care ^^. I’m so excited. TEE HEE. Now I just have to call the parlour tomorrow and check the cost and stuff. See if I can get there wednesday evening after class. Though I’m not too big on be wearing a plaster on NYE. Hmm. And I should get a proper haircut first. Aaah. First thing I’ll do when I go home. Get a proper haircut by my very own hairdresser whom I appreciate even more after 5 months in China. Aah.


Today I had a little chat with my mum. Firstly because I wanted to tell her that I’m planning on getting a tattoo. She didn’t really seem to be bothered by it as expected. Weird. Might be because I was talking about maybe making it home before my sis’ bday (February 25th). She got all excited and BAM now I’m going to buy a ticket home within this week. Budget is 3600DKK. If you find anything SUPERcheap, gives it! Cheapest I’ve found is about 2700DKK, which is fine I guess. Some cash for traveling within China then :) Problem is where it’s from – Beijing – and settling a date of departure. HMM.

I’ll sleep on it a couple of times. And eat. Mm. Yes, I’ll go eat now. Ta!


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