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January 27, 2010


There are loads of kittens around this hostel. And they meow all night long. “It’s soooo fuuuuckiiing aaannooooyyyiiing” (this said in a very nasal way à la Eva & Annette knows what). TEE HEE.

At the moment I’m just chillin like a villain in misty Guìlin, Guangxi. Left Yangshuo Sunday afternoon, quite drowsy after a late night out. When we arrived in Guìlin we realised it was just as many had told us – yet another grey Chinese city. Missed picturesque Yangshuo quite a bit… this cute little city even made me GET ON A BIKE (you guys know me…). Eventually sucked it up and managed to make it to the overpriced Reed Flute Caves Monday and maaaarvelous Longji Rice Terraced Fields Tuesday. The latter was truly amazing, and as the cherry on top – it was SUNNY.

Tomorrow me & Eva are parting ways with sweet Annette as she is heading back to Foshan and we’re hitting Shenzhen for a couple of days before waaaalking over the border to Hong Kong. Planning on handing in my uni application personally first thing Monday morning (and then running to the Chinese Embassy to get me a new visa). You can take the girl out of the city, but can’t take the city out of the girl I suppose. I’ll definitely be getting in touch with nature a lot more in the future. It’s quite nice. Of course, under controlled circumstances ^^.

Pictures are on Facebook and will soon be on flickr. Hopefully. La la la


January 23, 2010

It’s so pretty, but oh so rainy

Am currently in Yangshuo, Guangxi. Arrived last night at 7pmish along with Annette and Eva (Oley is back in Shenyang, Liaoning in stead and Eva just popped over because of destiny or something). As we get off the bus, it’s raining, this Chinese dude comes up to us speaking perfect English and asks us if we need a place to stay. Not really, since we’re staying at the Showbiz Inn. But the ass keeps going on and on about his shit place and then tries to get us a cab to our place for an unreasonable price (60kuai!) because it’s at the “other end” of the city. When we finally politely tell him to eff off, he goes “I want have seeex with you!” and effs off. GAH!

Despite first impressions, Yangshuo is truly lovely. It’s a beautiful little city located between quite interesting mountains and next to Li River. It’s still pooring down, but we’ve managed to make the best of it (getting awfully wet of course).

F. Have to shut down now ’cause the rest of the guys just said ‘night. Duì bu qi…

January 19, 2010


Sorry for lazy posting. I’m cool and confused as usual. Don’t know what’s going on, but I do know…


Wish I could show you by posting a pic, but that’s still shit. Chinese name, behind my ear, on my neck. The girls say it’s “really cool”, Rob said it’s “sweet” and Thore gave me high five. I can’t really see it, which probably is a good thing so I don’t get sick of it ^^.

Oh, and btw. I’m hopping on an icky sleeper bus 9am Thursday morning to Yangshuo with Annette, and possibly Oley. Wiihiie.

January 14, 2010

Home cooked dining and wine-ing

I’m enjoying staying put. I really am. Testing my knowledge of music after a preeetty nice home-cooked meal. Pasta and tomato sauce. Yummy in my tummy. And drinking wine. Being all mature and stuff. Oh yeah.

Huadu hospitality is unbeatable.

January 14, 2010


Yeah, you google translate me! I’m so pissed off. It’s been long enough now, but I still can’t access my blog the normal way. Can’t post pictures. Can’t write things in bold or cursive. Chinapeople can’t read me. Stupid effin damn !”#=#)?!”?# Great Firewall… And I don’t want to move back to because it’s SHIT. So is this right now though, but blogspot is even worse. Määääääh.

Can anyone find me a proper non-blocked bloghost somewhere in cyberspace?

Other than that, I’m liking my pretty pink slippers (borrowed). They’re nice and warm. I’m not liking people who don’t reply to e-mails. I mean, come on, e-mails are fun! I usually get caught up in it and ramble on and on and on about nothing. Or I get distracted and ramble on about that. But I guess that’s just me… juuust me.

Might head out to the supermarket in a bit and buy me some greasy, salty, fried bread for 2kuai. Then come back and throw some pebbles off the balcony. Just because I can. Have to find some pebbles on my way back from the super first though. Mmhm. Don’t think I’m miserably bored here or anything. Don’t think that I was stupid for not going to Shanghai in stead. No, don’t do that. I’m just lazy right now. Too comfy. That’s it. I’m just mighty comfy. I have to be.

Because I’m staying put until Friday. I promised Oley, my lovely, I would. No impulsive flights or trains or buses. Staaaay. Stay! Good girl.

January 13, 2010


I went to the airport and bought a ticket. It’s funny how I spend days and days to ponder about things, and imagine the outcome of this and that. But when it actually comes to the action of doing something, it just comes out of the blue. It’s like, I get an idea at a crucial moment, and BAM I just go with that one, because it’s the one that actually IS right then and there. I don’t know if it’s very healthy.

Capital Elf. I’m thankful that you put up with me for a whole week. Even though you didn’t want to make my decisions for me =P Many smiles and big eyes your way! As soon as I can post pics again, you’ll get a special post =D Mwähähä Elf veinte quince años HA!


I’m back in Guangzhou! BOOYAH!

January 12, 2010

Flying away

I don’t know where, I don’t know exactly when. But tonight I’m buying a plane ticket to a destination within China with departure tomorrow or Thursday.

Will it be expensive but festive Shanghai? Will it be beautiful but far away and lonely Kunming? Or will it be homey and cheap but been-there-done-that Guangzhou?

Anyone care to place a bet?

January 11, 2010

I’m being blocked

I can’t effin believe it. Spent like 10min trying to load my own blogsite, but nada. So I tried vtunneling it. And voilà.

WHY, Great Firewall of China, WHY?

January 11, 2010

Try sleeping with a broken heart


Yeah I know, I look all happy and shit. Have every reason to be, don’t I? Hung out at the beach pretty much all day today. Got a wee bit of a tan even. Had some eggs with tomatoes and rice for late lunch. Haven’t had anything since though. Am a bit hungry at the moment. Asked El if he wanted to join for a snackhunt, but he totally dissed me. He wants to sleeeep. What a dweeb. Tee hee. Nah, I don’t really feel like going out at the moment anyway. Already leaving buttprints on the couch, so might as well hang out here for a little while.

However, there’s this Chinese dude lying in the next couch is moving his feet in a disturbing way and keeps trying to make conversation. I would so give him a chance if his second line yesterday wasn’t “Do you have msn?”. And then “Do you have facebook?” while pointing at the searchbox on facebook on his computer. Had to pull some lie about not using Facebook in a long time since I’m in China and blaha blaha. Like come on. Who (coming from the outside) does NOT have Facebook? I’m so glad I have my headphones with me today so I can innocently ignore him. Yay.

Listening to Coldplay’s The Scientist. It’s making me a bit sick. Eff it. Eff it. Eff it. No.

Back to jollier things in life. Like say…THE BEACH.

January 10, 2010

Sanya, baby!

Just got back to the hostel from a nice stroll on the beach. It was lööööveeely. Had a Tiger, learned some Russian, came up with some badass moves for Lemon Tree and was just chillin like a villain. Now I’m sittin in the hostel patio typin away a bit before I hop into bed in order to get ready for another day of sweet beach. This time – starring my Matthew Williamson for H&M supersaucy bikini! Oh yeah!

I booked a ticket back to Guangzhou today for Tuesday night! And then I cancelled it… Uh oh.

I don’t know when I might be leaving this island. La la la….

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