Xīn Nián Kuài Lè!

Dearly beloved,
We might be gathered here today to witness something called New Year’s resolutions. However, we will be quite disappointed. Screw New Year’s res! I just got home from having slept at the Riverside Youth Hostel (which is great, but a tad bit smelly). Tummy wasn’t feeling great this morning, so woke up at about 8.30 and got the hell outta there and went to my home sweet home in Huadu.

Last night was interesting indeed. Had class until about 8.40pm with ONE student (the only one who showed up). Ended up being a 1.5h tutoring, so he got more than he paid for. Anyway. Went home, went downtown, hopped on some random bus to Sanyuanli, got the metro to Fangcun and headed over to Bai E Tan Bar street where all the other guys were in some club. Looooads of hugging, screaming, kissing and dancing on stage, so it was all good and cosy.

After the arrival of the new year we decided to head on somewhere else on Zhongshan 3 Lu (which is a 25kuai cabride away). New Era this place was called. But apparently we didn’t like it so we didn’t go (something about a covercharge of 150kuai). Ended up at KFC, trying to gather people, then wanted to head to Babyface, some left, some were bleeding shitloads, some were flashing, some were whining, some were sick etc. No effin cabs in that godforsaken city of Guangzhou. EFF IT. We stood there waiting for about an hour trying to find a cab to firsthead on, but then eventually just head back. No cabs. NO CABS. Luckily someone finally got a hold of a minivan, who took us all on (about 12ppl) for 200kuai. I do have a thing for minivans, I really do. Well at the hostel some had a few beers and talked a lot of shit, and I ended up dead in my bed at some point. Yup.

I really do hope this doesn’t influence the rest of my year. I’m so totally making up for it the rest of the weekend! Did have a good time with the lot of people though =) And I have butterflies. Tee hee. So I’ve got a feeling, that this year is gonna be a good year. To prove my excitement, this is me pre-2010.


I’ll do a proper 2010 sometime during the weekend ;)


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