Isla-la-la-land life

12h on a hard seat is not something I would recommend.

I arrived in Haikou, Hainan around 9am Tuesday morning. It was pretty warm and somewhat humid, I was exhausted from the terrible lack of sleep on the train, but I did get to the hostel safe and sound. I really thought I would be able to sleep on the train because hey, it’s me, I can sleep everywhere (am known to doze off on buses, in the middle of conversations, on couches in clubs…) but noooo. It was impossible. The seat was REALLY hard. And bless their cotton socks, I met up with about 17 University students who helped me out when I lost my ticket (don’t want to go there!) and they were actually taking turns talking to me on the train. I manage to fall in and out of sleep for about three hours before we arrived. I could however sleep a little in the cab. Thank Buddha for comfy cabs….

And then there was a walk on along the beach (which I haven’t seen for aaaages) and a hunt for fresh food. Oh yeah.

Anyway, now I’m sitting in the kitchen of the hostel with good ol’ EL(F) just chillin and surfin the world wide web (including FB, mwähähä). We’ve been strollin about in the rain today, had some traditional Hainanese food with one of my friends from the train. Learned some proper useful Chinese. I love going Chinese with El, because I’m so much better at it than him! Haha.

El goes huh?

Molisha and El

Molisha n me


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