Try sleeping with a broken heart


Yeah I know, I look all happy and shit. Have every reason to be, don’t I? Hung out at the beach pretty much all day today. Got a wee bit of a tan even. Had some eggs with tomatoes and rice for late lunch. Haven’t had anything since though. Am a bit hungry at the moment. Asked El if he wanted to join for a snackhunt, but he totally dissed me. He wants to sleeeep. What a dweeb. Tee hee. Nah, I don’t really feel like going out at the moment anyway. Already leaving buttprints on the couch, so might as well hang out here for a little while.

However, there’s this Chinese dude lying in the next couch is moving his feet in a disturbing way and keeps trying to make conversation. I would so give him a chance if his second line yesterday wasn’t “Do you have msn?”. And then “Do you have facebook?” while pointing at the searchbox on facebook on his computer. Had to pull some lie about not using Facebook in a long time since I’m in China and blaha blaha. Like come on. Who (coming from the outside) does NOT have Facebook? I’m so glad I have my headphones with me today so I can innocently ignore him. Yay.

Listening to Coldplay’s The Scientist. It’s making me a bit sick. Eff it. Eff it. Eff it. No.

Back to jollier things in life. Like say…THE BEACH.


One Comment to “Try sleeping with a broken heart”

  1. Oh…………my god! What a beautiful place! It looks heaven!

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