I went to the airport and bought a ticket. It’s funny how I spend days and days to ponder about things, and imagine the outcome of this and that. But when it actually comes to the action of doing something, it just comes out of the blue. It’s like, I get an idea at a crucial moment, and BAM I just go with that one, because it’s the one that actually IS right then and there. I don’t know if it’s very healthy.

Capital Elf. I’m thankful that you put up with me for a whole week. Even though you didn’t want to make my decisions for me =P Many smiles and big eyes your way! As soon as I can post pics again, you’ll get a special post =D Mwähähä Elf veinte quince años HA!


I’m back in Guangzhou! BOOYAH!


One Comment to “UPDATE”

  1. TUMMEN UPP! Jag önskar jag kunde vara lika bestämd in the moment!
    xoxoxo HP

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