There are loads of kittens around this hostel. And they meow all night long. “It’s soooo fuuuuckiiing aaannooooyyyiiing” (this said in a very nasal way à la Eva & Annette knows what). TEE HEE.

At the moment I’m just chillin like a villain in misty Guìlin, Guangxi. Left Yangshuo Sunday afternoon, quite drowsy after a late night out. When we arrived in Guìlin we realised it was just as many had told us – yet another grey Chinese city. Missed picturesque Yangshuo quite a bit… this cute little city even made me GET ON A BIKE (you guys know me…). Eventually sucked it up and managed to make it to the overpriced Reed Flute Caves Monday and maaaarvelous Longji Rice Terraced Fields Tuesday. The latter was truly amazing, and as the cherry on top – it was SUNNY.

Tomorrow me & Eva are parting ways with sweet Annette as she is heading back to Foshan and we’re hitting Shenzhen for a couple of days before waaaalking over the border to Hong Kong. Planning on handing in my uni application personally first thing Monday morning (and then running to the Chinese Embassy to get me a new visa). You can take the girl out of the city, but can’t take the city out of the girl I suppose. I’ll definitely be getting in touch with nature a lot more in the future. It’s quite nice. Of course, under controlled circumstances ^^.

Pictures are on Facebook and will soon be on flickr. Hopefully. La la la



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