…will be dropped very soon.

Other than that, I’m back in Mainland. Had to get my tooth sorted Thursday, which actually looks pretty okay, but has started to ache. Don’t know if I can be bothered to go back to the Cantonese dentist, or if I should just wait until I get home. All I’ll be able to say anyway is “tong tong tong” (pain pain pain) and point. Baaah.

Right, for those of you who don’t know, I had a pretty eventful night last Friday. Arrived at Sebastian’s with Eva in Shenzhen to stay there for a couple of nights before hitting Hong Kong. Played a little game before heading out Friday night, did some hoppin up and down on stage in Rave up and found myself breaking my tooth in half at some point of the night. Because I’m a total clutz.

Tong ma? TONG!

Last night we went halfway across the world in a cab to find this stupid club where Seb was doing a little dance in a golden outfit. Not really impressed as he ended up effing off before we could talk to him, but we did make some Chinese friends (as always) who provided free drinks all night. That’s the way we work it in sweet China.

Back to HK late tonight, but before that I’m doing some maaaajor shopping in Guangzhou and quite possibly in Shenzhen. Gotta buy fabric for dresses. Gah. And a bunch of other stuff and fit it all into my teeny tiny backpack. Anyway, I’ll post up tonight again.



One Comment to “DA BOMB.”

  1. Jag öppnar upp bloggen igen. Nu ska jag blogga för din skull så du har något att läsa i chingchong

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