The one with the whole new world

Once upon a time, there was a Me… or an I. Whatever. And ever since I first got on a plane and went as far away as Jordan when I was about 10, I’ve longed to get away again, and again, and again. But why China?

Honestly, I don’t remember. I suppose I was intrigued by the culture, and I kind of stumbled upon this Teach & Travel China thing online. I signed up for what I thought would be more information, but it turned out to be an official notification of interest, which led to a letter being sent to my home asking me to pay the initial fee or else I’d get fined. I didn’t mind, I figured it was the kick I needed to do something exciting, to say the least =)

I decided to hit Beijing on my own, ten days before the teacher training course would commence. It probably was one of my best ideas, as I got to experience China on my own, in my own pace, and meet quite a few interesting people whom I probably wouldn’t have spoken to if I were with a bunch of other people. I got my first dose of Chinese, Asian KTV, streetfood, noodles with soy bean sauce, Peking duck, and Wangfujing snack street (where they put funny stuff on a stick). I got to hang out with some locals as well as other travellers, and just hang out.

Ten days of complete freedom. Ah…

I got an email from one of the programme coordinators of TTC a couple of days before we were supposed to get the course people together, saying that the location had changed to some hotel in south-west Beijing. Fine. As I had met a couple of Americans who were hanging out in Beijing for a while, I had planned to go out with them the night I was supposed to move in with TTC, but to my surprise I had to cancel that date. Thank you swine flu…


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