The one with the new home.

As I got more and more claustrophobic and restless at the Agents’ place, I had to do something. And I did. Silly as I am, I decided to find a job through ANOTHER agent, because that’s what I found on the web.

Perlandas Harris, seemingly smart, cool African-American dude from Tennessee (or wherever), fluent in Mandarin and talkative as few, was the agent I got in touch with. Naive as I was, I went with what he told me, and was sent off to Walton Foreign Language Centre in Huadu, Guangzhou to work as a teacher.

My plan was initially to stay there for at least three months, but having discovered how shady things were, I wasn’t anny less than eager to get away. During the time I was corresponding with the Editor of Where Hainan Magazine (a newly started English language magazine) regarding a possible internship I would be able to get there. At the time, sunny beaches and white sand sounded a lot more tempting than teaching under shady conditions…

However, WH never got back to me to confirm my accommodation and things started to look brighter and brighter at Walton. I found a good friend in my colleague Marc, an experienced teacher and a really nice guy and in Angela, one of the Teaching Assistants I connected with instantly :) As time went by, I got used to living in my nice flat, working with my very cool TA’s and having tea at Yaya Tea & Coffee every evening after work. We were also joined by Paul, cool former club owner from Blackpool and soon to be awesome teacher :)

I found another home…


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