The one where two musketeers reunite and I’m 19 in HK!

My birthday is on December 11th, for those of you who don’t know. This year, I turned 19, which isn’t a particularly fabulous age… But hey, any reason to celebrate is a good reason to celebrate!

As always there was an initial plan…
Friday 11th: Work until 4pm and hang out with co-workers.
Saturday 12th: Tilly n Tina would come visit from Sanxiang to celebrate properly Sat night and stay until Sunday then head back.

and a final plan which involved me getting on a bus to Hong Kong Friday afternoon, texting Charlie and getting him to join and popping up at Mirador Mansion around 9pm that night. Finally found Charlie (or he found me) around 10ish and ended up just talking and talking and talking and talking and silly C made me completely loose track of time so I ended up not going out to meet my fellow Swedes at LKF for Lucia celebrations…

But the weekend turned out to be grand anyway. Spent Saturday walking about, going to Lantau and seeing another big Buddha, then having really nice Indian dinner (and trying those papadams Charlie was going on and on about), hanging out at a pub with the smalles glass of Guinness ever seen and finally hitting the clubs of Wan Chai with cool cat Anders, his girlfriend and her fun loving Indonesian friends.

Turned out pretty cheap too, as I didn’t have to pay for a cabride home. Wan Chai MTR starts running again at 6.30 ^^….

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