The one with the last days of 2009.

As Xmas came closer and closer, so did the realization that we were not at home. The Chinese do try, you’ve got to give them that, but the Xmas spirit is far from present in the RT-Mall of Huadu as well as the streets of Guangzhou. But hey, we’re in China. Let’s do something about it.

Guangzhou stuff sent me an email about a week before Xmas and some saint named Andrew had organized an Xmas Day party at the China Marriott Hotel in Guangzhou (free bar and snacks for only 160kuai!). So Chocolee, Emmezing, Angel and me (also known as Lucky) went there, had a blast, talked to some people, had the most interesting cabride back to Nanhai and then ended up doing Boxing day at DJ’s and Lazy playing a set of clap-clap-animal sounds with a hilarious Chinese guy. Very happy Xmas!

New Year’s Eve turned out to be quite something. My work day (the very last one!) didn’t finish until about 9pm, so from Walton I made a motorbike rush to downtown Huadu, took a bus from there to Guangzhou, metro from Gz Railway St to Fangcun, ran out to Bai E Tan bar street and bounced into AMIGO where I found about 20 fellow TTCers hopping about. By this time it was only 10.30pm, so we did some more hopping until the strike of twelve, which rung in a lot of kisses, a bunch of hugs and a ton of “HAPPY NEW YEAR”s. After leaving AMIGO everything became pretty complicated as we were too many too keep track of each other and somehow ended up on Zhongshan San Lu in the horrible rain with no chance of getting a taxi.

Good times!

The next day I did a “Lucero” and left the hostel dorm before everyone else woke up and went back to my sweet apartment in Huadu. There I was taken for the best lunch ever with the best colleagues ever (and their sweet girlfriends) at a dim sum place. Later that evening, Tilly joined and we went out for some AMAZING Dong Bei food. I’ve probably never been that happy from eating before. Ah.

The night ended at some massive Chinese club, which was the last of Huadu I got to savor. Lived it, loved it and let it go.


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