So now you’ve got my whole China experience here on this blog. Well, almost. You know they say a picture is worth more than a thousand words?

Well then a picture+words = a fortune! For those of you interested, I’m planning on completing the posts with some short (however short I can make them…) recaps of the events they regard.

For those of you not, I’ll tell you this:

I had the most amazing, exciting, arousing, exhilarating, fun and crazy time of my life over there. I think crazy sums it up though. It’s been ups, loads of ups, and then your occasional down, but most of all it’s been living. Like, really, truly being alive. Being on my own for the very first time out there, in the big big world. Just being me. Me, me, me.

And no, I did not “find myself”. Hate that expression.

However, I did get to see amazing sights, meet interesting people, learn from an entirely different culture, make lifelong friends, be happy, be sad, try sleeping with a broken heart, party with the coolest people, drink for free, own the dancefloors, LMFAO, pour my heart out, sing in taxis, kiss a few, hug a bunch, love a lot and most of all live a fuck-load.

Wo ai zhong guo.


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