The one where we fall in love with picturesque Yangshuo

The reason I stayed in Guangzhou again for so long was to wait for our much longed for trip to Yangshuo. Annette, Eva and me sat on a bus for 10h to get there, and as soon as we got off it some nutcase tried to scam us and ended up cursing us because we wouldn’t go to his hostel. Welcome to Yangshuo!

We stayed at the Showbiz Inn in one of the back streets just off the West street. It was nice and simple, sharing a dorm with two messy boys (Rob and Thore) and cosy enough for us to spend not too little time there because of the shitty weather.

Fortunately, we managed to make ourselves go on a bike tour in the outskirts of the little city and it was probably the most amazing bike tour I’ve ever been on. Not that I’ve been on many, because I absolutely hate riding bikes…

I’ve never been much for nature, but when it’s just that beautiful and peaceful, even I get a sore spot for it.

Wo ai Yangshuo.


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