It’s nice to be a free spirit, it really is. You consider all these choices you wouldn’t consider if you were not a free spirited person and everything is so diverse and anything could happen and you never know where you’ll end up. It’s cool.

But sometimes it’s just a pain in the ass.

I don’t know what to do. I keep playing all these scenarios in my head of what could happen, what I could do, where I could go, how much money I could make… Money, money, money. Not at all funny. In Norway they apparently pay you a shitload of money for being a waitress even, in China I could most certainly get a job as a teacher, but the pay would be far from as good, whereas here I’m just unemployed and getting fat. Ha. But I’m spending time with family and friends (no offence loves, but the main attraction at home is my sweet little mami and pup :) which is ideal as I would really like to study abroad in the fall. But then that costs money, so having a job would be ultimate perfection. However, I do miss the easy breezy life back in China (dim sum, fresh noodles for 10kuai, motorbike taxis and free partying)… But going back would be silly, wouldn’t it?

I believe I posted an advert for a decision-maker a couple of months ago. Anyone up for the task?


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