Dog walks and bull talks

I’m planning on walking the dog in about five minutes.

However, I just realized I’ve been acting rather obnoxious lately. Like, sooo aaannoooying. Truth be told, I’m really not the most fun person to hang around atm. I can be hanging out with people, but drifting away into my own thoughts every once in a while, which can get quite annoying if you’re in the middle of a conversation (or a monologue too for that matter). My attention span isn’t known for being best, but it’s probably never been this short before. I find myself telling little white lies such as “oh, the signal went a bit shit, can you repeat that?” on the phone and blurting out random “What if?” questions in the middle of a movie.

Well, duì bu qi (I’m sorry.) From now on, I’ll try reeeeally hard to get my ADD under control. I’ll just start bouncing off the walls again, that was a lot more fun ^^.

Btw, did I mention I got a haircut?


One Comment to “Dog walks and bull talks”

  1. L! I Iove your new hair!
    Glad you found my blog.
    xoxo S

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