I’ve realized that

… I listen to music that makes me smile.
… I talk too much about silly things & think way too much about the rest.
… I like the sound of cracking ice underneath my heavy boots.
… I hate it when I eat something just because it’s there (like popcorn)
… I’m secretly in love with the memory of a dream.
… I’ll always be whatever I want to be.

… my friends are crazy.
… my room is a mess.
… my mp3 needs updating.
… my cellphone is growing on me, and I’m texting faster than ever again.

… last I LMFAO was too long ago. Bring me to tears!
… last I cried I was pretty out of it, and made some pretty expensive phone calls.
… last I kissed someone I was dazed and confused (and out of it).

… babies are remarkably small, but not as cute to me as they might be to you.
… home is where your love is.
… love is that thing they sing about a lot in Moulin Rouge

… I’m bored. But I woke up at 8.30AM today and I’ve already done so much (in theory). Now for a stroll with the artist (Da Vinci, our rottweiler) and then some coffee with an old classmate. Now gimme my cherry on top and bring on the SUN!

Kidnapped in the middle of the night of my 18th birthday 2008


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