The male of my life

Isn’t he pretty?

We walk together,  we play together and we even talk together (because he is SUCH a good listener). Right now he’s the best at keeping me company. Since mum canceled our shopping date because of a meeting she just remembered she had, and I pushed a playdate too far (and now it’s too dark) I’m just sitting in the sofa at home eating grapes. One for me, one for Vinci. We’re off for a stroll soon. If it wasn’t for good old DaVinci, I’d be going nuts from all those weird noises I keep hearing from the basement when I’m up late, ha.

Did I mention he snores? A lot? Well he does.

On an entirely different note, I’ve been thinking. I’ve reached the conclusion that I’d probably be the first (or second) one to die in a real life horror movie. You know, like the stupid chick that opens the closet door when she hears noises from it and gets attacked by the killer and/or monster. Yup, that would be me.


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