Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger

You know those people who worship Lady Gaga? I’m slightly similar to them. Ever since Just Dance I’ve had a fascination for her catchy party songs and her sometimes vulgar but bold lyrics. And the music videos. Gaga oh la la.

Here’s one i’ve waited for for a looong time. Set up like a proper mini movie, it’s colorful, edgy and fierce to say the least. Love the Pussy Wagon’s comeback!

Sorry I can not hear you, I’m kinda busy


I’m not too big on the “instrumental”/acting pauses in the video and I was kind of looking forward to a proper playin hard video, but liking it nevertheless (: The outfits actually made of a reasonable amount of fabric are fierce and Gagaesque, as for Beyonce, I loove when she goes “Eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-ey” ^^.

I would however like to be enlightened on where this script reading style comes from, because I’m sure I recognize it from some other motion picture….

UPDATE: Duh, it’s gotta be KILL BILL style, just like the Pussy Wagon… And the more I watch this video, the more I feel like analyzing it to pieces. MJ/Madonna references, misfit statements, glorification of violence/murder, the product placements (Polaroid, Chanel, Virgin etc)… Gaga is genius.


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