Hvor er Thomas..?

You know when you’ve had a few, you fall in to these habits..? Like, some people have this thing where they get really dancey (me), some get really affectionate (me), some get a bit agressive (sometimes also me) and some get British and/or Danish (not me).

One remarkable thing is that I almost always ask “Where is Thomas?”

Thomas is my old boss. He’s the sweetest ever, and I love him to pieces. Somehow he became this recurring event in my tipsy fares and always seems to pop up in my mind at some point of the night. Bless him, the lovely.

I got home not too long ago from a night in Copenhagen with the ladies, celebrating Vanessa’s birthday. Yup, main girl turned 21! Wa wa wi wa :D We turned up at Disko Dasko, which meant DKK75 cover charge including a free bar. We named our favourite bartender Charlie (though his name was Kristian) and we had our eyes on the boi with the Adidas. He fought the power and left though. Blöööh.



Vintage moi & Van anno -08.


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