Beauty spots

I did something that had little sense in it before I left for my photo excursion.

You know how sometimes you think that if you renew yourself somehow, you feel fresh and light? When something as simple as cutting your hair, doing your nails, mix up your wardrobe or even shaving your legs can make you feel like a whole new person (the kind that woke up on the right side)? Well, I was striving for that feeling, as a cherry un top of my spring mood. So I grew a thicker pair of eyebrows and a bran new beauty spot. Wiie.

Truth be told, I tried to pluck my eyebrows, but failed miserably. I got a bit carried away… To make up (ha!) for it I decided to go a little Gaga to make the best out of it with the help of my good friend Pencil Perfect from L’Oreal (uh oh, product promotion).

Only stupid can be truly brilliant ;)

Anyway, here are some shots of beauty spots outside the realm of my face.

Yaaay, spring!


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