Why can’t it be fall now? Why don’t we call spring fall, and fall spring? They kind of look the same, but reversed.  You know?

Sorry, I’m not going to jinx spring, I love spring. Because after spring comes summer, which means you’ll move on to fall and think about those summer nights whilst you’re so busy with your new endeavor in life that you neglect to notice it’s winter again and by then you’ll be reviewing the past year in the blink of an eye and look forward to yet another set of spring adventures and fresh starts.

But right now I’m too damn excited about fall, because marvelous things might be happening. I say might, because I don’t want to jinx that either. Friday, that’ll be my judgement day. Gaga oh la la.


2 Comments to “Fallfallfall”

  1. The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

    • I suppose I was in a hyperactive, excited, enigmatic kind of mood at the time and as I’m pretty good at letting my fingers type away as quick as my mouth can run, it sometimes turns into incoherent and/or unclear rambling. My blog is kind of a way to work on that habit and get better at doing the opposite :)

      Thank you, I’m glad you like it.

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