and then I want to tear you.

I went for a walk with the “tourists” today, all the way into the city (which is about a 40-50min walk). I did it mostly because I figured it would give me lots of photo opportunities, which we like. First opportunity showed, I pull out my camera, push the trigger and… what? Nada. Try switching it to Auto. Nada. You know why?

Because I forgot the stupid SD card in my card reader. Fuck.

So I went around all day missing shot after shot after shot. On top of that, I had a headache. On top of that, it was cold. And on top of that I can’t find comfort in fast food, cakes or any sweets. Because I made a bet. One month sans shit. I can do it, it’s not difficult. It’s just annoying sometimes. Restrictions. Restrictions are shit.

Point is, I’ve been quite annoyed all day. I’m a pretty grumpy person when I get off on the wrong foot. So I’ve been imagining throwing really solid objects at people that have stepped on my nerves a bit. Hard. Because in my imagination, I don’t throw like a girl. You do. Grumpyness + vivid imagination = sane cat.

Because in a way it’s a good thing though that I can live out the whole thing in my mind, because then at least I don’t have to do it for real in order to get that pleased smile on my innocent-looking face. Which is what makes me that much less of a nutcase. I’m my own very best therapist. Yup.

I’m good now. I’m real good. And sleepy. Curtain call.

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts!


2 Comments to “and then I want to tear you.”

  1. ooh, L, are you on

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