I’m very sorry.

Yesterday I didn’t really do much of what I promised. I blame Charlie, the Banana King. Also known as the Chocolate teacher or most popularly as BLUH. He hopped on Skype. I hopped on Skype. So, there was a lot of catching up to do. Some friends that were going to come over to cook cancelled and went to a restaurant in stead, in which I thought “No, I’m going to be a good daughter and cook myself”. And I did, even though I’m far from a marvel in the kitchen. Made gnocchi and some weird cheesy/winey sauce. It was alright if you ask me, my mum quite enjoyed it though. Later on I got a random text message from a friend who was in the neighborhood, so I had to pick her up with dog. She brought wine, and we all know wine should be savored in peace and quiet chit chattin the night away. It was quite nice.

I know. Excuses. Just really bad excuses. Let’s just extend the deadline. Sunday at midnight, that’s when I’ll post up proof of my advances. Probably not the bank thing though as that’s closed over the weekend…

I just recently woke up and the weather is even better than yesterday (going towards the other direction in the nice-not nice scale). It’s pissing down and it’s foggy, so much that not even dog wants to go out for a walk. But it must be done.

Today I might be doing this:

. Attend a birthday dinner.
. Help a good cause
. Go to the theatre

Yaay, culture.

Gnocchi with improvised keso/brie/mushroom-sauce. Yum yum.


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