How very, very wrong.

So I happened to fall asleep about a couple of hours ago. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it is actually almost 5am now. What worries me isn’t even the fact that I woke up, because that’s completely understandable considering the fact that I had the weirdest dream (or nightmare?) I’ve had in a long time. Every once in a while Mr Sandman comes to visit and throws some very shady dust on me, causing my vivid imagination go crazier than crazy. Once there was this dream about Michael Flatley’s crazy legs (thank you Chandler Bing!) and another time Superman kidnapped my mum when I was about 5. Yes, they flew away.

Anyway, this dream was wrong. Oh, so wrong.

It involved basically every guy I’ve ever been remotely interested in (since I was maybe 5 and not necessarily romantically), which makes out a pretty crowded cast and then me, on a stage. I was the only girl. And no, it wasn’t dirty.

It was more like this:

This is a Bolivian dance called Saya. If you know it, you know that it’s a pretty energetic and flirty dance. The girl moves her hips from side to side, causing the skirt to reveal maybe a little too much, and the guy jumps around like craaazy. It’s quite fun, to watch that is. Now, imagine that girl being me, and that guy being multiplied by a shameful number. And I wasn’t doing the girl’s part well at all, because I was just standing there in the middle of the stage looking terrified, while the guys danced about like craaazy (as they should). I was terrified. The sound of those bells was so incredibly loud and intimidating, and the scary leader was blowing that whistle like that’s all he ever wanted to do with his life. But I sort of knew I had to be dreaming. So I pinched (or maybe stabbed with something really sharp) myself so I woke up, sat up and panted – just the way they do it in movies.

I blame mum for dragging me to her friend’s birthday party last night.
Damn us latinos with our energetic, flirty dances.

Short clip, so you know what I mean. Going to try to go back to sleep now.
Happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts.


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