It’s not diplomatic at all. It’s inconsiderate at times. And some even say it’s rude.

It’s favorism.

We all have favorites. Favorite languages, favorite words, favorite flavors of ice cream…. It might not be fair to all those other words, flavors and languages, but then life isn’t that fair, is it? Anyway, since I’m quite a nostalgic person, I figured I’d create a category called “favorites” as an homage to all those places, people, things, songs etc that make my mind rewind.

So here is a very subjective list of the coolest cities in the world.

1. Hong Kong

2. Paris

3. New York

4. Barcelona

And last, but certainly not least (numbers probably refer more to most impressive than more loved) we have a place mainly there for being the place I was “raised” in to a new culture (Marc understands) and thus my first home in a new country.

5. Beijing

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!


2 Comments to “Cities.”

  1. Aaaww, HK! Where is Lima on this list?

    • Yeah, I’ve had complaints about that. It’s not quite there. Just like Malmö isn’t. Still cities I hold close to heart, but… I dunno. Anyway, haven’t been to Lima for years and years, so I’ll have to give it another review next time I hit there ^^

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