Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie

I used to be one of those kids who found it really easy to play alone. Not that I didn’t have any friends, but I was simply just as content playing with all sorts of little figurines and creating my own plots as I was sharing the experience. And I liked talking to people. Not just kids my age, all sorts of people. I was the kind of kid that hung a lot around grown ups, which in turn had me filled with the confidence to act like a grown up and talk about grown up stuff like… the weather. Ha.

In kindergarten I had a best friend named Nathalie (who nowadays is really pretty but speaks really strangely and has lots of fake hair) whom I played with all the time. She was sweet, I think she was a year younger than me. Blonde and cute. Supposedly we were BFFs but I haven’t spoken to her in an overly friendly tone for about 8 years now…

But it all went  by so damn quickly. I grew up so fast. I learned to read roughly when I was four, write some time after that (not very pretty, but still), do simple math when I was five, which was around the same time I started questioning God and love…

Primary school was chill. I had a friend named Adam and we used to watch Back to the Future and flip coins off our thumbs. School wasn’t too hard either, except for the fact that I moved to another one in another city in 2nd grade. There I made friends with Nana who liked climbing trees and walking around in tops ending just above her belly. One day she stepped on my hand on the way down from the tree and I fell and got a minor concussion. I didn’t like her so much after that…

But the simplicity of things. Isn’t it just marvelous? It’s just about having that one really good friend who listens and understands. About getting that longed for hug from your mum because you did good, or just because you are. About getting to go out on the playground, or just in the park even, and make your own reality.

Pick up a leaf and suddenly it’s a boat with dozens of little people on it sailing away across the waters to a new land on the other side and they shall call it Kingdom of Leaves. Then they make like a tree and leave.

And there. BAM! You’re happy.

All of these thoughts just resurfaced when I was out with a friend and her little protegé – the sweetest, most talkative and considerate longhaired little 2-year-old boy I’ve ever met. And I didn’t even really like kids before, but that’s another story…

Next time I hit a playground I’m going to relive my childhood on a swing


4 Comments to “Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie”

  1. häromdan blev jag addad på facebook av en gammal “vän” från åby i östergötland och jag började minnas.. hon var världens största lögnerska, en riktig satmara som jag minns henne. jag avskydde henne för många saker. hon lekte kärleksnäste så vilt att mitt barbiehus välte, hon nöp mig varje gång hon inte fick som hon ville, hon tiggde efter godis hos oss. Sedan en vacker dag ville hon att jag skulle välja mellan henne och en annan kompis. DUH Gissa vem jag valde!
    precis, inte henne!
    men så var det inte mer med det och nu addade hon mig på facebook, sådär drygt 13 år senare! av nostalgi kanske?

  2. great story.


    • The ones based on reality usually have some sort of appeal (:

      Your (?) dresses are amazing! Many of them look so light, springy, feminine and romantic. If I only didn’t have that no-webshopping rule…


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