Congratulations, you’re still in the running to become…

whatever the hell you want to be.

In my case that would be a heartfelt writer, a more comprehensible blogger, an expressive photographer, a tidier person, an eloquent journalist, a better cook, an inspiring leader, a loving girlfriend, an edgy muse and perhaps a rich non-bitch.

dare to dream

I’m dreaming of traveling around the world, working with talented and passionate people, documenting my experiences in writing and images, expressing myself in different ways and languages, understanding people, helping them understand, learning, teaching, living, loving and finally looking back at my life and be proud, but not content. Because when you’re content, you stop dreaming… and I don’t ever want to stop dreaming.

I hope my dream will start merging with reality at HKU, Hong Kong this fall. Bachelor of Journalism. We’ll hopefully know soon enough. Fingers crossed.

While we’re dreaming anyway…


4 Comments to “Congratulations, you’re still in the running to become…”

  1. :D kunglig blogg!!

    • Gindobre Mais!

      Danke schön (jag vet, tyska haha). Är du hemma i Sverige? Hur går det för dig? Det var inte igår! Hollaaa at your gurrrrl.

  2. Du går flicka! Du har vad som krävs för att göra något / allt detta och mycket mer!
    Oh och jag gillar det faktum att
    : D
    är universellt

    Tänk positiva / drömma stort!

    btw, if any of that’s wrong… it’s Google translate’s fault



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