Hush, hush

I’ve been having this recurring dream. Sort of. I can’t recall if I actually made the event up in a conscious state (yes, I accidentally do that sometimes) or if it just popped up one night in my head. Anyway, it’s now a recurring day and night dream.

I walk out of an egg and go straight into the room at the end of the hallway. I totally do my I’m-not-drunk-strut all the way there. As I wash my hands in the basin, I observe my reflection in the mirror. I’m wearing over the top make-up, and my hair is big, all kind of just like Diana Ross. I pick up my phone and start dialling a number, whilst playing with the sequins on my very disco dress.

It suddenly dawns on me where I am, and I get a jolt of nervosity right in my stomach. I hang up the phone and walk back out, pass all the egg toilets and flash the Chinese lady a smile as she hands me some tissues.

I’m at A2 – a bar/Chinese club in Guangzhou with dance performances, club music, eggshaped toilets, a stripper pole and sweet Mango Daquiris.

My Chinese friend Becky suddenly pops up and grabs my hand, telling me we have to “hurry” as she pulls me through the club towards the stage. I’m not confused at all. I pick up my phone and see a missed call from the person I’d least expect to see. I look around to try to see if he’s there but don’t get much opportunity as I’m pushed on stage with four girls standing behind me, including Becky and Evelyn. Everyone being disco, but no one matching my massive hair. I think I spot him, and his friends, and I see them smile and wave. I just smirk and gently place my hand on the old school microphone.

And then this sort of happens.

Whatever it means, doesn’t really matter. But I’ve had this dream perhaps twice and thought about it a couple of times whilst fully conscious. I can’t really sing, I’m not THAT into disco and I haven’t thought of him or them in ages. Well, at least it’s one of those dreams that allows me to wake up with a self-satisfied smirk. Awesomeness.

Good morning to you.


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