squint, squint, squint, ah no, closed.

This day has been nothing less than interesting. Climbed some trees, played in some bushes, jumped dramatically, discussed vital knowledge such as the similarities between Las Ketchup’s Asereje and Sugar Hill Gang’s Rapper’s delight. Even got the occasional blast from the past when bumping into random people. Seeing as I’m not very used to super-hectic days, as a result I am now exhausted. My eyes hurt, that’s how much I want to sleep. That, and the fact that my stomach is starting to rumble, is the reason that I now have to say good night.
More adventures soon!

I think the new do gave me back my Peter Pan powers. Woop woop! photo by Ikram aka Willaaay


3 Comments to “squint, squint, squint, ah no, closed.”

  1. Aww… I like your fashion. Is that leggings or stockings your wearing?

    • Thank you! I do believe I did a good job at presenting Today’s Outfit ^^. Remember the Flashdance tights? With the holes for the feet to get through? Well, it’s those :)


  2. Your Welcome! Yea! awesomeness!!!

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