fears and clowns

I’m terrified of clowns.

I don’t know what it is about them…. no, actually I do know. It’s that make-up. The pale face with the blood-red lips, often something that looks like lipstick smudged all over passing as a painted smile or frown, the fake tears, the extremely blushed cheeks, the squeaky nose, the I-just-got-out-of-the-psychiatric-ward-hair…

They just don’t look very well, you know?

My problem is that I don’t like not being able to read them, because they’ve got this whole façade going on. Are they happy, are they sad or are they mad? Are they nice, are they honest or are they devious? I don’t know. And it scares me. You know what scares me even more?

That there are some real life clowns out there, not wearing any visible make-up….

Beautiful and not that scary Coco Rocha for Numéro 07/09


One Comment to “fears and clowns”

  1. clowns and models meet! great images
    thanks for sharing.


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