dear secret

Fell asleep on the couch. Ugh. Shower next.

Dear Secret,

I had a dream about you whilst lying on the couch letting my eyes rest for a little (just about 5-6h). We were somewhere having dinner at a fancy restaurant. I know it was fancy, because we had like a million knives and forks and so much elbow space that even ItsKingsleyBitch would jump of joy. Anyway, so you were with Mr HK. You know. Art student, majorly cool nerd glasses, chilled out attitude and crazy but inspiring fashion. And he was rambling on and on and on about your BEAUTIFUL EYES. Haha. I on the other hand was sitting next to some good old loser who kept wanting to grope me. Needless to say, I was incredibly jealous and I actually found myself hating you. And you, you awfully nice friend you, suggested we’d switch partners! So I hated you even more, even though I actually went with it. However, it was all apparently part of your master plan, because you made my former partner realize how much he loved me and you made him all caring, then you gave him back…

What kind of a sick, twisted, horribly good-willed person are you, REALLY?

I honestly have no idea what or who gives me these ideas for dreams. I guess this is kind of my subconscious way of letting me know that I might just miss you a little (:


2 Comments to “dear secret”

  1. Naaw Luce, you are so sweet, you really cheered up my day at work and put a big smile on my face:D I miss you loads as well! And I’m kinda hoping your a little bit psychic, except for the part with the old guy groping you and you hating me of course. But the part with u, me and Mr.HK in a fancy restaurant? LOVE IT!

    • lol, I didn’t mean old in THAT way… you know :P

      Are you suggesting we should share Mr HK? xD He probably paid the bill, as I was dating a bum… talk soon xoxo

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