taste of heaven

Mami stole my MacBook and gave it away for the night. Now it’s stowed away in the guest room with a guest, so I’ve got no access to my pictures or anything. I feel kind of… stripped. Except for the fact that I swiped my mum’s MacBook Pro in stead and am using it as payback. Mo ha ha. It’s actually quite nice.

Anyway. Besides being out on yet another extremely retarded cruise in the Benz, we’ve had our very first taste of heaven for this year. Behold, ice cream at its very best…

Gelato Italiano from Dolce Sicilia, Drottningtorget, Malmö

This time we chose to go for a small-sized cup with two flavors. What we’ve got here is a wonderful fusion of Cioccolatto Fondante and Pera. I believe that kind of translates into dark chocolate/truffle chocolate and pear. My mouth waters from just typing this. It was amazing. I was more than content. There just isn’t anything like Italian ice cream.

I know there are lots of you Ben & Jerry’s fans out there, so I’ll just be blunt about it. I don’t particularly fancy B&J’s. Not that I really DISlike it but it’s just that it’s… it’s heavy, it’s creamy and it’s the kind of ice cream I’d stuff my face with after having broken up with a boyfriend. And then I’d cry. Not so much because of the ex boyfriend, but because I’d actually feel slightly sick.

Whereas italian ice cream makes me feel like… oo look, there’s my purple cloud again!

Night night (:


4 Comments to “taste of heaven”

  1. wtf? jag var också där idag!

  2. btw det är päron! yay! jag åt hasselnötter/melon, taste of heaven for sure

  3. I SAY YES!

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