Good morning.

Or is it?

I don’t know about you guys, but this shit is really bothering me. It’s not okay. Why did some attention whoring volcano have to go BOOM and then just ruin holiday for all us Northern Europeans? Really?

Okay. It had natural reasons.

They say flights might be cancelled for weeks. WEEKS. How will Sweden’s blogging sweetheart be able to go to Rome for a romantic weekend with her love? How will the Swedes be able to make their annual pilgrimage to Thailand (althought it’s most popular in winter)? And how on earth will Maria make it to Denmark this weekend for a reunion? HOW?

Like I said. This is not cool. It might not affect me directly, as I haven’t planned to go away for the next three months or so. But I would’ve liked to have had the option. I could have wanted to fly down to Barcelona and visit my brother from another mother Jo. Or fly up to Norway for their National day to get pissed with some of the coolest people ever. What if my longing for China and the good friends I made over there got the best of me, and I really, really, really had to go? Am I being told to stay put?!

FINE. I won’t touch the vacation money I just discovered I’ve had for over a month and thus have played it extremely safe and cheap for no reason at all. It’ll all go to Uni. Bore.

Hey, can anyone remember the pin code for my Danish Credit Card?

Suppose the skies aren’t this clear anymore. Sob.


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