blast from the past

Once upon a time I had a best friend. We hung out a whole lot sometime in middle school, and we were inseparable. But at some point she moved away and slowly, we drifted apart. The few times we’ve spoken since have been awkward.

This isn’t that best friend.

This is Munira. She’s one of the most beautiful friends I’ve had throughout my life – inside and out. Never too far from a smile, always caring and refreshingly positive. We said goodbye to each other after 9th grade, and lost touch for most of high school. But we’d text each other twice a year, on June 11th and December 11th, our birthdays. We’d never forget. Whenever I’d lose my cellphone (all four times) I’d call her home one day (because hers was one of the few landline numbers I still remembered) and catch up. One day after graduation in the summer of ’08 I was in her neighborhood and gave her a call – she came down and we strolled around for hours – laughing, talking, laughing.

Today, one slightly windy day in the spring of 2010, was no different.

I love that with some people, no matter how much you change as a person, your friendship remains the same. As if time stood still, and you can just pick up where you left off…


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