I woke up with teary eyes and blurry vision this morning. Unfortunately not with this view. It’s just one of those days where a major hug would be in order. Or a cuddle. Yeah, I think I’ll go downstairs and cuddle dog.

Truth be told, I forgot to wash off my mascara last night. My eyes kind of sting and my eye lashes are mega-curved. Why do they always curve like that the day after? Now I’m just going to have to wash the curves off. Stupid make-up.

Now off to cuddle.


2 Comments to “bluh”

  1. I think you spelled the headline wrong here, isn’t it supposed to be BLUUUH?

    • LOL. My bad, I was actually considering it, but then realized that I would have to explain it and that would just ruin the mood of the picture. But what the heck. duiduiduiduiduidui :D

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