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May 12, 2010


sleepy time.

Devon Aoki in Alexander Wang for Vogue Nippon

May 12, 2010

ayo technology

I just love it when wordpress comes up with new themes. Like this one. Look at all this SPACE. Marv. Just marv. Perfect way to spend my sick day. Oh and I just had to PicNik a new header for my new look. Quite nifty, ain’t it?

Despite lack of strength and absolute health, I actually waltzed to the post office and mailed my very important visa papers that I’ve been fiddling with the last couple of days. Yay me! Other than that, I had an epiphany, I saw a fun future and am now at ease.

For now.

Now bring on the not so Silent Spring!

May 12, 2010

I’m ill in bed…

But I’m not looking anywhere near as cool as these ladies from Steven Meisel’s shoot Models go to Rehab. Crap.