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May 13, 2010

dreaming of modelland

I will be going to bed tonight and have a hard time falling asleep. Not just because I’m super excited, but I will also be thinking long and hard about whether this is for real.

Modelland. Seriously?

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Clearly it’s not enough to be a supermodel/talk show host/actress/reality TV star/executive producer…

May 13, 2010

i’ll tell you a secret

A SO lovely, beautiful-eyed, “Hawaiian”, head-scratching, adventurous, Chinese National Day-loving, adorable, banana plant-adoring, crazy, elbow-biting, loving, hilarious, Judy-quoting, fabulous, partner-in-crime and marvelous secret.

Bringing the very best moods of Norway, I give you …

Together we toured Guangdong, rocked a typhoon, got soaked in the pouring rain, discussed spit-drinking, rode rollercoasters in Ocean Park, practised our Danish language skills, danced on leaning streets in HK, got down with THE BAAAND, taught Chocolee some cool Scandinavian stuff, sarged, pissed ourselves laughing and then some…

Two months of crazyness account for endless stories and nostalgia trips and now we shall add another couple of days to the pile of nuts. Because there will be nutcases! Walnuts, nutella and coconuts (sans the casualties!)

We bring you little monkeys nuts, but not lost…


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May 13, 2010


How much hairspray do I need to make my hair look like this?

Tiiu by Sarah Silver Vogue US 11/09