spring fever

So I’ve decided I’m well today. Nevermind the snot and the coughs. I went on a long walk with my pup and inhaled plenty of fresh air whilst I exhaled all that illness. Can’t help to think that if I was in China I’d be tossed in somewhere by some health government and be given the ultimatum between looking like a cool surgeon or stay at home with my germs until they die. Sure, I could put on the mask here too (I actually brought some home, TEE HEE) but that would probably cause a stir. Then you would actually see that I’m ill. I mean, as long as you don’t acknowledge it, you’re not really. You’ve just caught a light cold. Or perhaps it’s all the blossoms tugging at your pollen allergy. What blossoms, you may ask? Well. Maybe the ones that haven’t died from this lovely, cosy “spring” (+8 FTW) have it in for me. I don’t know.

Whatever. I’m going out there. A cold-carrier undercover. Looking just like any of you. I’ll hold my coughs, I’ll sneeze in a tissue, I’ll wipe my nose clean and do some silly “Bewitched”-thing with it so it looks cute, and not snotty. So there you go life.
In sickness or in health, ’til death do us part.

The loss of my charger has increased my abuse of Picnik as well as the recycling of old pictures. For better or for worse?


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