carnival colors

As soothing as that may have been, 3 fucking hours to go through pictures and delete/crop/edit them is way too long for voluntary work. No place more comfortable for this than my lovely persian rug lying on the – you guessed it – floor. Meanwhile, this damn Devil’s cake managed to make its way to my tummy, and brought along a whole lot of milk with it. I feel violated.

Anyway. Enjoy a taste of my favorite part of carnivals…. COLOR.

As for my chopped up clothes and the intention of remaking the Max Azria piece, I had a flashback. 2004, crafts class, elementary school. Took a whole semester to make a pattern for a strapless dress and another semester to actually not make the dress. I blame the spinning chairs though, and not my ADD light…

In other words, I came to my senses.


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