summer break

It’s funny how this was the weather yesterday. Lovely, sunny and warm. Today, it’s been pissing down since 5am or so. I know this because an old lady on the train told me. We bonded after I found a 50DKK-bill underneath her chair. It led to your usual talk about weather and stuff. AND I got to keep the fifty.

Still. It’s kind of summer. Except it’s raining. And I’m going to hang out at the University an awful lot listening to two confused (and confusing) ladies ramble on about fashion, luxury and the magic of consumption. So it’s summer break.

Summer is taking a break, that is.


2 Comments to “summer break”

  1. ooh cute guys! önskar att min bror var villig att posa för mig!

    • ja just det, din bror är ju jättesöt! jag var faktiskt chockad att dom ville ställa upp. jag är duktig på konsten att övertala, hihi. du får locka med belöning annars ju :P

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